Huong Thuy Manufacture Service Trading Corporation is a company operating in the field of importing and distributing food and consumer goods.

Professional competence

Import and Distribute

Huong Thuy Corporation owns and operates a modern and well-equipped warehousing system with the capacity to store up to 10.500 pallets. Our warehouses are managed according to the highest food storage standards in the industry. For example, some of our clients store large quantities of foods that need to be kept dry, cold, or frozen. Some of our primary clients we are currently storing products for are BEL and Fonterra as they import their products into Vietnam from all over the world.

Financial Managements

At Huong Thuy Corporation, our stable financial sources enable us to satisfy capital requirements’ that our clients may have in importing and distributing their products. We also place on-time payment schedules to all suppliers our top priority as we believe it enhances long-term and efficient business relationship at Huong Thuy Corporation. Currently, the company has good banking relationships with Sacombank, HSBC, Incombank and ….

Professionalism and Reliability

Huong Thuy Corporation guarantees to follow all of the confidentiality requirements regarding the products that it distributes. The company also strives to maintain and improve its professionalism and reliability as an importer and distributor with these methods:

1. Establishing long-term relationships with clients in order to anticipate their needs.

2. Maintaining close relationships between employees of Huong Thuy Corporation, retailers, wholesalers, and supermarkets in Vietnam.

3. Operating warehouse systems with the highest standards.

Corporate culture

In our business activities, we always appreciate the contribution of our staff, by long-term commitment to the development of the company, where the friendly working environment, organizational culture that healthy, professional organization is always respected.

Long-term connecttion with partner's

Huong Thuy has a team of sales staff, sales supervisors, line managers specializing in each brand... is a modern sales organization model suitable for sales and product development

  • LA VACHE QUI RIT CHEESE (Bel - France) since 1992
  • ANLENE, ANMUM Milk (Fonterra Brands) since 1997
  • CEREAL AND BISCUITS KELLOGG'S ( Kellogg's Corporation) since 2008
  • REFRESING HERBAL POWDER COOLING DRINK ( PT Sari Enesis Indah - Indonesia) since 2011
  • POKKA BEVERAGE (Pokka Corporation -Singapore) since 2005
  • KOBANA RICE CRACKER (Private brand- Thailand) since 2005
  • LEEKUMKEE CONDIMENTS ( LeeKumKee - HongKong)
  • MEIJI POWDER MILK (Japan and Australia)
  • KEWPIE MAYONNAISE since 2011
  • SAPPORO BEER ( Sapporo Vietnam) since 2012
  • WHEAT FLOUR ( Interflour) since 2009
  • NISSIN INSTANT NOODLE (Nissin Vietnam) since 2012
  • S&B WASABI and OTHER SPICE (S&B Japan) since 2013
  • WONDERFARM WAFER and CRACKERS (Interfood Vietnam) since 2013
  • COOKIES and JELLY DRINKS (Garuda Food Indonesia) since 2013
  • KAO BODY AND FAMILY CARE PRODUCT ( Kao Vietnam) since 2011
  • HARMONY FRUITY SOAP (Megasurya Mas - Indonesia).
  • HOUSE Dessert and Functional Drinking Powder (House Vietnam) since 2013
  • OJI SAUSAGE (Oz Foods Solution Vietnam) since 2013
  • NIKE since 2013